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Please Wait (Ta-ku & matt mcwaters) ‘Rush’ (ft. alayna) : Silt and gathered communication, blows into the winds.

Look for the upcoming EP, ‘Black & White’.

Ta-Ku, matt mcwaters, alayna

Ta-ku returns with a new duo project Please Wait, in collaboration with Canadian artist matt mcwaters. And in ‘Rush’, vocalist alayna joins the fray and offers her contemplative vision in vocal love.

Off of the upcoming ‘Black & White’ EP, this dynamic collaboration keeps to its vibrancy, with attention to musical details that simply makes it shine.

Following on from the ‘Flight 99 (ft. Masego)’ single, ‘Rush’ shimmers in gray and light, as the performance of Auckland, NZ based alayna shows a gloriously rich and bountiful globe of angst, determination, and message of lust for life as you’d know it.

The duo producers’ cathartic approach to this body of work has been more about self-expression than anything else and has culminated in an EP that covers a range of issues and experiences from different times in their lives.

The music video, with alayna on hand, continues this line of decadence and indescribable angst, that is both majestic and cosmic.

The reaping of breath and heart, sings with the hopes of a dying intuition. A relationship that is made of silt and gathered communication, blows into the winds of anointed savagery of the weather in fear and ache and cravings.

The sultry vibes of ‘Rush’ laughs at the difficulties of life. Your life. Your future. Your past and present. It’s all relative to the poignancy of the immediacy. An immediacy of want, desire, passion. A bleeding of the tears that never flows outwardly.

A heart that cries, in spite of the unrequited.

A version of yourself.

A version of what it could be.


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