PLLUSH Announce Debut Album ‘Stranger To The Pain’. Drops June 8. Shares Single ‘Shannon’.

PLLUSH, the fabulous San Francisco indie pop band has announced their debut album ‘Stranger To The Pain’ which is to drop on June 8th. The dreamy haze of ‘Shannon’ their first single off of the upcoming album, singles out what love sick feelings of any kind can become. The morphing past memories chip away at the potentials of better memories to come.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

“I wanted to share my feelings with you, but you prevented me from doing so. You didn’t do it physically. You did it with your actions, your attitude, and through the way you looked at me. You loved me. But I couldn’t say it, in reciprocation. What kind of human being am I? I ask this of myself so many times. Now it’s too late. Where are you now? I miss you. What a dummy I am.” – CHF

The band added the extra ‘L’ to their name to signify the undergone whirlwinds of personal flux. But they don’t stop. It’s just begun, with doubling down of each members’ emotional qualities to the song, to the music.

Karli Helm’s definitely hazy and lonesome tones from her vocal chords give flakes of snapshots of happier times in our minds, with the ominous feelings of dread and forbidding disappointments to possibly coming from the our better trusted loved ones. But that’s where the texture is laid out, and where the interesting palpitations within the songs emit such light.

With the help of her bandmates, the circle is near completion, within one song and within one bar.

‘Stranger to the Pain’ helps that circling back, and reassures them that it’s OK. It’s OK to be reticent and active in telling their story, the way they used to. From here, future stories will be told, with even better contrast and highlights.

It’s a deserved account of things, for sure.

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Track Listing
1. Elliot
2. Syrup
3. Ortega
4. Big Train
5. Fallout
6. 3:45
7. Restart
8. Sleeper Cab
9. Stuck to You
10. Okay
11. Shannon
12. Blue Room

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