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PODGE Shares ‘TWINTALES’. “Let its fidgety, dynamic of it carry you through.”

PODGE comes back with more of his bedroom, Tokyo influenced, anime bound, synth-extravaganza in ‘Twintales’.

We’d said about PODGE: “The synthesizer armed, DIY sensible Adam Charo wields lyrical works heavy as the most technocratic sledge hammer. Adam has stated that he’d been heavily influenced by Japanese pop culture, which has bled into the projections of what his songs portray, via emotions as joy, gray, and astonishingly furtive.”

Lots of accolades for a seemingly simple collection of notes.

Looks can be deceiving, for PODGE’s efforts and strength of musical convictions come from the honesty and truths in the words. The genesis of where and how those words come about in his brain, delivers with a subtle punch that is fun yet seriously scarred.

How deep? We will never know, we assume.

But if you think about it, how deep is YOUR emotional scars?

In that frame of reference, we all can relate.

PODGE wants to have fun. We all want to have fun. ‘Twintales’ is a fun song. So, let the fidgety, dynamic of it carry you through.

At the same time, let’s relate and nudge our suppositions a bit more towards our commonalities.

Let the serious uplifting continue.



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