Poison Boys ‘Been Here All Night’ : Kick it, with the boys from Chicago like you’d always know you could.

Poison Boys

Yea. You know it. You feel it. It’s that good ol’ rock n’ roll. Of blues based grit and strums, tantalized by the glaze of sex and glitter. That’s where Poison Boys’ single ‘Been Here All Night’.

“‘Been Here All Night’ is about falling in love with someone in the midst of chaos and finding out that the other person feels the same,” explained frontman Matt Dudzik. “It’s about going for something just to try it, and finding out it works. To be literal, it’s about getting to a party, meeting someone you really like there and finding out that they go for you too. You ended up staying “all night” as the time flies by just being with them.”

60’s and 70’s rockin’ and pouncing on the visceral, animalistic urges of our hearts, the sights and suggestions of bands like Stooges, the New York Dolls, and the Flamin’ Groovies, with Hanoi Rocks kind of petulance, merge in a delicious soup of magic.

You can’t help but shimmy your hips to the groove, and purse your lips like Mick would.

Kick it, with the boys from Chicago like you’d always know you could.


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