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Polly Preacher Shares ‘Blood on the Moon’. “Freakishly decadent.”

Polly Preacher is the project of artist Ashleagh Claire Hurren. The London based provocateur of unique musical aesthetics, tickles your sides once more, as ‘Blood On The Moon’ wrangles your best sensibilities and just envelopes you in a cast of vibrant hues. From her voice to her choice of music construction, and to the aesthetics of her song, will be absorbed quite easily by your obstructive psyche.

Last time for her single ‘Oh No, Oh Dear’ we’d said that it is: “A chant of cylindrical rebel-rousing in a pretty dainty cup you received for Christmas. You must have it in your office, and you must use it with all of the guilt baked in by your kind hearted mother – who incidentally gave you that cup.”

She started making lo-fi bedroom recordings, which became the debut EP The Bad Thing – sandwiching jangly pop in between freak-folk and A cappella.

She quickly began appearing on line-ups around the south-east, notably with the support of Antigen Records, who she started playing regularly on bills for – and opening for Rozi Plain, Jeffrey Lewis and Robyn Hitchcock.

Ashleagh quickly climbed in the minds of her audience and has continued to delight. Polly Preacher is an underrated powerhouse of a song dynamic.

Good things keep on rollin’.

Look for more from her upcoming 2020 EP, ‘Mother’s Ruin’.



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