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Polycool // Frydstads Markiser // Ets Trio // Coastlines // Noiz Boyz

Polycool – Monteverità

Filled with infectious and energetic vibe to the track, the mellow vibes of ‘Monteverità’ gets you into the mood. If that mood was ‘surreal’, you hit the nail on the coffin. The band with utter mastery of their ultimate outputs, their 70’s tinged psyched out exaspiratios, spell out the emotions of good and bad, positive and negative, then wield them around in 360 degrees to make us think twice about the world. The Polycool world is odd, it’s quirky, and it’s fantastical. You should feel them if you can. See them next @ Petit Bain, Paris, on November 29th.

Frydstads Markiser – Space Time

We’d stated prior: “WTF. Yep. That’s what your initial reaction will be listening to a RYDSTADS MARKISER’s (Jørgen Frydstad) single.” And we’d also said: “RYDSTADS MARKISER is a one-man band from Norway created by producer/songwriter Jørgen Frydstad. It’s delicious. Ripened guitar lick loops, to the nonchalant vocal parodies, Jørgen’s oddity in his lyrics, with rampant pension for tackling the little limbos of life – this project is, not one, but two thumbs up.” So far in all of his offerings, there’s nothing that makes us deviate from this assessment of the artist’s outputs. ‘Space Time’ though is, as his other singles, unique and asks the RIGHT questions. If you go through his lyrics, it’s what we would think REAL space aliens would think to themselves too. Looks, smells, impressions, home-life, shopping at Costco? Do space aliens have day-to-day chores that have to be taken care of before dinner? Told you. Frydstads is one of a kind. Jørgen’s from Norway, and he’s here to stay.

Ets Trio – Lover To Strangers

Ets Trio is a presenter of folk-rock with worldly textures, bringing discipline and a wealth of experience into a warm and comforting realm. It’s an achingly beautiful and honest narrative to ease the feeling of lost love. Etienne de Kock said: “‘Lovers to Strangers’ has evolved over time as I’ve gathered more life experiences, and as my context has shifted. These days, rather than being an expression of my own heartbreak, Lovers to Strangers is a song of triumph for having made it out the other side, and an expression of empathy for someone who might be now going through something similar.” Band is completed by bandmates Oliver Wells and Jay Pyefinch. Born in South Africa, a childhood in New Zealand, and adolescence and adulthood in Australia, Etienne lifts you emotions with the calm before the storm connection with realities of us and his.

Coastlines – Terminal

“‘Terminal’ is the story relationship gone south set on a burning alt-rock track. It’s the moment of self realization that someone has a shot at a better life without you in it. It hurts for them, but it kills you. The question becomes, how much do you love them? Do you love them enough to let go?” Made up of Brady Lee, Elliott Phillips, and Justin Ginn. The pop project is the work of three best friends and the three makes dreams come true in the realms where they create worlds of love, loss, and sometimes unfathomable conditions in trust. Working remotely, the three connect from Wisconsin, Texas, and Poland, to produce an interesting array of songs, dedicated to pop and the emotions it can inject to our lives.

Noiz Boyz – Daddy’s $$$

Produced by Young $wisher. This one was a lot of fun to make and it was easy to make since the subject matter is something we know very well from where we grew up; spoiled rich white girls. They’re the worst. They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Not capable of intimate emotions because everything to them is material. Brother hip-hop duo from Canton, MI. We dabble and draw influences from an abundance of genres. The bros said: “We speak on intimate topics but don’t take ourselves too seriously we like having fun with it.” Baked within, are the core of singer/songwriters who dip into the r&b/soul game. ‘Daddy’s $$$’ is a semi-rap hiphop version of work that is much more indie-pop than you think. It shimmer with the xylophone dancing and guiding in the background. The muzak frame is wholly becoming and is fabulous.


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