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Pond Diver Shares ‘Over the Hill’. “Impassioned plea for the sanity of one, and for all.”

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From their upcoming release, ‘Flashbacks’, the band from Alabama, Pond Diver, helps us return to a moment of clarity in hazy love lorn decisions, and new found energies.

With fellow musician John Paul White adding into ‘Over The Hill’, the Americana-bluegrass indie-folk band delivers with a haunting vibe – raw and honest. A procurement success of the vocals from the band, which, combined with the lyrics, the whole professes the exact emotions that the band intended, with feel and gumption.

Members Daniel Lewey, Collin James, Luke Wright, David Marsh, and Hudson James succulently highlights their strength of story telling, within the best traditions of southern rock and Appalachian pride.

Gut wrenching at times, ‘Over The Hill’ is an impassioned plea for the sanity of one, and for all.

Refreshing offer from the band, indeed.

See them next @ The Peoples Room of Mobile, Mobile, Alabama on November 22nd.



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