Pontea ‘Come Find Me’ : Anthem for the heartaches and tribulations of the times.

Pontea / Photo: @jonwithglasses

Pontea’s music is a perfect blend of R&B and soulful pop that is infused with rhythmic beats and ambient synths, which render her distinct sound.

With the best 80’s traditions, within the folds of Pontea’s presentation, that feeling of warmth and familiarity calms your senses and that ‘reset’ button becomes easier to push.

A compelling singalong of friends-staying-friends, and lovers-supporting-lovers, ‘Come Find Me’ is an anthem for the heartaches and tribulations of the times.

Need more of that invitation, indeed.

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You are not alone. We’ve all been there. The music video for Come Find Me is OUT TODAY on #youtube. 🦋 • . I’ve brought together palpable footage from real people during quarantine in their own spaces, taking us on a journey of what it’s like behind closed doors when faced with our own demons. 🌻 Dedicated to #mentalhealthawarenessmonth. • . . SHARE this with someone you love to say you’ve got their back, tag me @iampontea and #comefindme & #igotyourback (Link in bio) 💜 • Comment and like the YouTube video, show it some love. 🌸 • . • Thank you to the beautiful humans who shared a piece of their humanity to be in this video. . . . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #youarenotalone #newmusicfriday #musicvideo #youtube #video #music #popmusic #quarantinelife #newmusic #emotionalhealth #friendship #therapy #singersongwriter #emotional #spotify #vulnerability #empowerment #quarantine #suicideprevention #love #lgbtq #iloveyou #gotyourback @trevorproject @themightysite @namicommunicate @millennial.therapist @jedfoundation @lgbt

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