Pontus de Wolfe feat. Ludwig Bell ‘Beats & Noise’ : Delicately ambient, synth-driven algorithm of sound.

Pontus de Wolfe

Following up the 2019 LP ‘Blood Orange’, the mystical digital mind of artist Pontus de Wolfe teams up with Ludwig Bell to bring us a delicately ambient, synth-driven algorithm of sound named ‘Beats & Noise’.

“We both liked this song we’d come up with song, but couldn’t find any obvious candidates to pitch it to,” said PDW. “We soon figured, that to be able to shape it without compromise the way we envisioned it, we would have to take the lead on it ourselves. I, Pontus grabbed the mic and Ludwig the guitar, and off we flew, letting the song create the path for us. We’re both dying to find out where our next song will take us.”

Like the stars up at night; like the love struck lover, at dawn, a familiarity blooms with ‘Beats & Noise’. And in that familiarity, a deep surge of under-realized passions for life, blooms into a beauty, only the most personal can appreciate.


Let’s dance, under those sparkling stars of your dreams.


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