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Pool Sharks // Crow vs Lion // Ava Lake // Giudi // Flight Facilities

Pool Sharks – Craw

Third song from the crew of Pool Sharks, makes its way towards your heart with garage rock goodness, poured into a cement mixer for love. Or something that intent. Said Pool Sharks: “This song is a scrapbook of ideas and kitchen sink phraseology told through a lens of hook driven and catchy 90s indie.” Yes. Whatever the subject, is deliciously presented by the gang. The Leeds based band, influenced by bands from alt rock, to emo, to pop they combine them to make something that would appeal to the hard-nosed crate digger and the station-flicking hairbrush singer. Off beat, but hard to beat songs come out of Pool Sharks.

Crow vs Lion – Newborn (Exon 42)

Off of his newest ‘Heart, the Time, and the Pen’, comes ‘Newborn (Exon 42)’. “There is an ethos that connects these songs, think of an awakening coming from the acceptance of some suffering, where the beauty is illuminated throughout the way.” Sonic transitions appear as you enter into each section with enough hidden detail one would be hard-pressed to ever crack its code, in regards to the new album. It also contains the 13 correlations with the number 13 hidden in the album art and a page explaining other veiled thoughtful details placed throughout the work. The music/art project of Dan Gallagher from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, gathers like fallen leaves from a gentle breeze of a thousand evenings, turning and waiting fort that tumbling riot, en masse. A waft of salinity, cast away by the wisp of the oceans of the mind – drifting, drifting, drifting. Dan’s two sons also appear on the album in different sound clips from home videos. The album was mastered by Jim Salamone. The album asks much of the listener. A duty, in a sense. Are you up to the challenge?

Ava Lake – Mine

‘Mine’ is the concluding track of Ava Lake’s debut EP ‘The Rise’. Ava Lake is a Chicago based musician giving a new sound to dance pop. The Rise is Lake’s formal introduction to the world. She found her musical footing while writing the EP. The EP ‘The Rise’ takes Ava’s beat-driven production, confident vocals, glittery pop-styling, and dance-floor rhythm come together to create an electrifying record. With ‘Mine’, it all consumes with understated fire, as the embers of pop, drown down to the whispers of an alt-pop/synth-rock vibe that resonates with persevering resin and demonstrative grit. In her songs, she stipulates – in every step – her special kind of uniqueness. Her quirk and angles of looking at things and of her surroundings, mark a beautifully choreographed dance of words and pop sensations. She is dedicated to fusing music with fashion, photography, and film – and we dig that to bits. See her next @ The Gallery Cabaret, Chicago on October 26th.

Giudi – Visions

Czech Republic singer Giudi is an artist who blends music with fashion and art. Working with some of the coolest names in fashion and multimedia worldwide, the current single Visions features a video made in collaboration with Beijing based Taiwanese 3d multimedia artist Veeeky. Her Alt Pop combines uplifting sometimes dark melancholic songs with a future live and electronic soundtrack, her distinctive vocals managing to be both haunting and melodic, with warmly reflective lyrics. Said Giudi: “”We all got our own dreams, but not everyone got the courage to swim into the sea of the unknown to try to reach those dreams.”

Flight Facilities x Aloe Blacc – Better Than Ever

Australia’s high altitude duo Flight Facilities, are back with a brand new single ‘Better Than Ever’ featuring Aloe Blacc. Although utilizing classically tested blues on danceable pop sheen, the fans in us for Flight Facilities is hard to pass up. And with Aloe Blacc’s soul lifting vocal opens the three-minute track, with hand-claps and a fuzzy bassline ground contagious gospel harmonies, it’s even a harder prospect in not getting into this. Get on this flight to everywhere.


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