Pool Sharks Shares ‘Like This To Die Instantly’. “They would stop to help a damsel in distress.”

Yep. A bunch of guys from the UK said to themselves, “Right. Let’s have a go with this music thing.” And from that moment, a band that calls itself POOL SHARKS came to be.

And boy. We all should be glad that this universal act happened.

The 4 piece rock band, based in Leeds, comes up to the drive-through and orders burgers with fries and tells the cashier in the booth to come and see their band. How rude, right? Inviting others who are total strangers to come see an act that is refreshing and tasty and with pickles on the side?

Actually they are refreshing. They are tasty. And they spit on pickles, for they are condiments that disguises themselves as semi vegetables that took a long bath.

Hooks and tinges of nostalgia hits from each chord of ‘Like This To Die Instantly’. Their emo framed, alt-rock rock-ness shines through with no scars, no sweat, and no apologies.

Though we bet they would stop to help a damsel in distress.

Oh and the burger joint cashier came by to see them.

Now, she’s not a pickles fan, either.

Bonding. Right??


See POOL SHARKS next @ Lending Room in Leeds, supporting AVERAGE SEX, August 13th.


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