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poolhouse // Sam Way // Indigo State // Souls Extolled // Arcurus

poolhouse – Drifting on a Cloud

Alex Standish, Sam Halstead, and Benjamin Browning, together are poolhouse. The influence over their music from different spectrums of the industry is evident, however their own genuine sound is not lost, and ‘moon river rock’ undeniably has its own definitive sound. Lovely ballads of shimmer and ripened memories cast a nice and gentle weeping in solace and maybe a new view of life. Let’s stroll a bit with the London based band.

Sam Way – Reflections

Devon born and London based, SAM WAY is as dynamic as ever. Again and again. Quaking hearts flutter with blood engorged love for the love that could and should. We’d stated: “We’d been captured by his beauty…An emotional turn of events, the simple and direct production is a radio friendly ballad that captures sentiments we need in life.” Growing up listening to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Carole King, Sam developed a deep fascination with lyrics from a young age. See him next on TV on October 7th to the 14th @ Music video shoot + LIVE at Soho House in TURKEY.

Indigo State – By the Rays Beaming Down from the Sun

Founded in 2015, by all three members; Gabriel Barraza (Guitar/Vocal), Alex Grant (Bass), and Nico Vasquez (Drums/Vocal), they make songs that depict lost love, lust, isolation, and social unrest shrouded in explosive instrumentals, the group caught fire in the Los Angeles/OC underground music scene. The oddity within the slivers of notes, deliver with a big thrust of angst that is confident and majestic, all at the same time in ‘By the Rays Beaming Down from the Sun’. A soup of emotions for all trades, lovingly crafted, in a most indie way. The band stated: “Our main goal is to make songs and things people love so we can play fun shows with awesome crowds! Please share, listen, watch, subscribe, anything that will help us continue to infect the world.”

Souls Extolled – Black

After being asked many times about his name, Souls Extolled’s frontman and lead guitarist Zach Black wrote this hard rock banger. Souls Extolled is a blast of groovy hard rock fusing generations of influences from Black Sabbath, to Nirvana, Sublime, and The Strokes. Honolulu-grown singer-songwriter and guitarist Zach Black conceived the idea for Souls Extolled in 2014 while attending The University of Texas at Austin. Nothing changed, as far as the intensity. And you can hear it in ‘Black’ – a song that blares out the frustration, which are understated and informative. That’s how Zach rolls. “When they see Souls Extolled, I don’t want them to say we were the tightest or the most talented. I want them to say we would have burned the fucking stage down if we could have.” Word.

Arcurus – Turn Back Time

“It is a whimsical slice of life story with a positive message about just going with the flow.” Listen. Take to heart. It’s a dang positive song about life, how hard it is, but how harder we are to just let it drip off of our shoulders when needed. Resiliency is the crux of the song and nothing else. It’s a charming endeavor, with the quirk to match. The music video is a slide show presentation that is fabulously simple and primitive. But it works, all the same. That’s what ARCURUS is about. Fun in the sun, even when there’s no ‘sun’. Lovely, to be sure.


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