POOTIE BEATS ‘Supernova (Feat. Zhao)’ : Glide you into a psalm of galactic vibes and experiential rhythms.

Pootie Beats

Pootie Beats’ single ‘Supernova’ is a collaborative piece with Zhao.

Said Pootie Beats: “The song started off as just a synthwave sort of 80’s beat as part of my album ‘Science Mission 1’. I sent the tracks to Zhao to see if he wanted to record vocals on any of them and I almost didn’t send this one. I ended up doing so and it turned into ‘Supernova’. Him and I both have played this song live for around 2.5 years and always get a great crowd reaction, people love this song – and to think it almost didn’t happen…”

With exponential hither and wanton effervescence, ‘Supernova’ is beautifully inlaid with golden shimmers, in between folds of antithetic and cosmic inertias of bold and gentle melodic accoutrement. It’s in the details of the song, where a slight staggering of notes and palpitations, glide you into a psalm of galactic vibes and experiential rhythms.

There is a reason why it’s so popular with their fans.

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My EP, Science Mission 1 is out now!! Available on all streaming platforms. Link in bio. 🚀 Sap, special thanks, and credits: I somehow managed to drag myself across the finish line kicking and screaming, but I made it. These songs were all written and produced in one week back in January of 2018 and basically took me 2 and a half years to finish, taking month long breaks in between. I went through a lot during that time and grew so much. Many times I felt as if I fell short of my own (very high) expectations. However, I came to realize that is not the point. The point is the exercise, the growth, the sharing, and to allow these songs to exist for everyone else. To let them be what they are, what they’re going to be, and to let them go (for now). Back in 2018 I spent a week just inundating myself with things from my childhood. 80’s cartoons, cartridge video games, vhs, public access shows, educational programming, space, and sciencey stuff. I wanted to take all those influences and create a fantasy world, as well as tell a story. I set out to make something 8 year old me would think is the coolest thing in the world and I’d like to think he would approve. I’d like to sincerely thank my family, friends, and loved ones who I made listen to these songs hundreds of times while I lost my mind over the over (you know who you are). @loganchristian for mastering and helping me cross the finish line, @zrobusa for helping me lay down some monster tone on the geet (the track Science Mission), and @zhaomusic for just being there for me the whole journey. I hope you enjoy it, thank you! Credits: Written, Produced, and Recorded by PJ McManus Mixed and Engineered by PJ McManus Mastered by Logan Christian at Midday Studios @middaystudios Artwork by PJ McManus and kyruchekov (I know you’re out there somewhere buddy – thank you!!) Videos and promo by PJ McManus #sciencemission1 #pootiebeats

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@moonroomie⁣ / @etawashere When I was still looking for permission to explore my identity, Erik introduced me to the idea of creating that space for myself. He invited me to play my first APAHM show (w/ @polartropica, @minibear, and @missjupiter 🌌), and we talked about how he’d started moonroom after seeing an all-white lineup at the Chinese New Year festival in Chinatown two years prior. That month I went to every moonroom show I could, and found a version of API representation I could get behind – shows that didn’t homogenize the API experience or presuppose what people might want, but instead let artists represent themselves. moonroom gave me the context to see the range of opinions and experiences held by Asian-Americans in the music scene. ⁣ ⁣ It’s hard to imagine APAHM without our now annual exchange of APAHM-related plans, photoshop documents, videos, and general brainstorms. Erik’s a teacher at heart, and it’s been awesome to see him repeatedly turn his own personal experience into something positive for local communities around the city 🌕 ⁣ @moonroomie is premiering CONFLUENCE – an experimental documentary using footage from last year’s #apahm shows, and featuring interviews with some of the artists involved (including myself!) The film will be up on moonroom’s page 5/24-5/31, it’s free to watch but donations will go to assisting local API/Desi American artists affected in quarantine, and matched 69% by moonroom. Check it out on @moonroomie bio link or the APAHM portal in mine!

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