Pop Cautious ‘Peace Song’ : A step here, is a step forward.

Pop Cautious

‘Peace Song’ by Pop Cautious

“I was commissioned to write the song for a peace initiative project. The focus was, “peace through understanding,” said Pop Cautious. “It was written in a hotel while I was homeless. We recorded the song in KoreaTown (LA). 15 X Grammy Award-Winning mastering engineer, Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, The Clash, Run DMC, etc.), gave the track it’s final touch.

Included on the debut Pop Cautious LP, ‘Troubadour’ and the long-awaited label compilation for Native American Rights, Pop Cautious – for whom justice and truth matters most – endeavors ever deeper into his own psyche and where he would belong in the horizons to come.

A step here, is a step forward.


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