Poptones ‘Escape’ : Understated and voluptuously abound. Brings joyful revelry.

Poptones / Photo: Tommy Frost

“The song was written after the break-up with my ex-girlfriend and is about escaping the feeling of being trapped in a relationship,” said Mads Bertelsen. “It’s a cut-up text I initially read and then cut and broke until a rhythm emerged in it. The result was a collage of impromptu phrases and outbursts, encapsulating the immediacy of the amount of repressed emotions that suddenly run free when a relationship ends. Particularly the insistent and repeated ‘confident’ of the chorus is a cry of liberation to regain independence as an individual.”

Poptones is a new Danish trio whose artistic expression. The band ‘talks’ in alternative rock vibes, drenched in effervescent colors of melancholy and introspection. The first single ‘Escape’ moves between airy vocals and floating violins and then back to a distilled aroma of ambience and psyche orientation.

The single has been interpreted in an animation video by Rocio Arcenegui, who explain: “I wanted to portray the mental instability, anger and frustration of the protagonist of this amazing song by using kinetic typography, handwritten fonts, dust and grunge textures, scratches, distortion and glitch effects, while keeping the same style as the main artwork created by Alex Stroemich. ‘Escape’ is an emotionally charged song, and what better way of evoking emotions and influencing people’s moods than through colours. So, for the more peaceful parts of the song, I chose light blue and white to transmit that calmness as well as sadness, whereas I used red and black mostly to indicate hostility and anger.”

Mads Bertelsen, Anders Dahl Poulsen and Simon Hiemstra Christoffersen are Poptones.

Understated, and voluptuously abound, the sights and sounds will bring joyful revelry.

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