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Porch Cat // Hi Viz // Hayesville // LLights // OWL

Porch Cat – Reclaim

Off of their latest 12 track self-titled album, ‘Reclaim’ is about abuse. You know the kind that is mentally and maybe physically damaging – indelibly effecting the abused to think less, or lesser of themselves. It’s the bullying, and unequal torture within an assumed ‘loving’ relationship – a pact of two strangers, trying to make it in this world, holding hands. But sometimes it just doesn’t work, because a glass mirage of self-indulgence, creeps in and one Must get hurt. Not cool, in a relationship, but very cool as a subject of note in ‘Reclaim’. Washington state based grunge-pop band PORCH CAT seduces with hip beats and indie attitude in this single, and as you tilt your beer back and soak up the upcoming winter’s breeze, you tell yourself: “Dang. This is a fab song.” Now, scream as they do (a la end of each chorus in the song)! Chan Benicki leads this project, and we think it’s so fun. Word.

Hi Viz – Total Reaction

HI VIZ is a raunchy, grimy, underground indie rock-pop song makers, who hail from Vancouver and they don’t care what you think. Well, if they don’t care, we care. And we think you should dip your toes in this electric mix of digital and guitar driven sounds, dripping in drum/bass destruction. It’s unique, it’s fast, it’s hard to grasp, but something you can’t ignore. The band consists of Kyle Fuller, Mick Seppala, Joe Asbridge, and Gerrard Norman. And through singles like ‘Total Reaction’ they make us squeal in fun, and think of the best traditions of bands like Beastie Boys in attitude. ‘Total Reaction’ is technically not the same from others, but the designed ‘chaos’ of the song is just voluptuous. Their 2 song EP is available now.

Hayesville – Minor Key

Beautifully dark. Beautifully un-nerving. Beautifully visceral. That’s what the work of HAYESVILLE’s single ‘Minor Key’ is all about in our eyes. From the daunting ukulele notes, subtlety frames the ‘constrained’ and ‘eviscerating’ style of the lyrics. Harmony and counter-jousts, of the idealistic foreys of his protagonist visions make for a dainty but foreboding frontal attack, albeit in a demure and farcical diatribe of song. It’s the story that is succinct and dynamic, at the same time. That’s the pull. That’s why the song is ‘beautiful’ in its own way. The Swedish artist has American roots, and based out of Cologn, Germany. “This was a song I wrote when I overcame a toxic relationship with the help of several ukuleles, a couple of guitars, and a traditional swedish nyckelharpa.”

LLights – Arms of Sadness

Like poems for the eternal night’s darkness to consume and absorb; with a lonesome sadness blanketing trivial tears down the softness of cheeks – LLights’ single ‘Arms Of Sadness’ blooms. Just like the orchid of the hills, the welcoming death of consciousness is focused and amplified through the bright grayed under-colors of the vocals. Precipitous percussion, in march with the guitar’s gentle and wandering strums, evoke a feeling of drowning, within a dream, within another. The experimental duo from Hamburg, Germany, deals in emotions and in this single they spread it around like infection. The ‘dystopian’ platitudes, ripe with revenge, understatement, and artistic revelry, begins and ends with but a flutter for the Universe. Lo-Fi to the max. Their debut EP ‘Foams’ is available now, and it’s as becoming and fantastical as you’d expect.

OWL – Defiant

OWL is the moniker of female singer/songwriter who “writes alt-rock tunes”. Go figure. She stated: “I write play sing everything on my tracks.” That’s good to know really. For when you listen to this grumbling, rumbling rock tune gets you juiced for the morning ahead. It really does. From the beginning blues rock start, to the jammy guitar extensions throughout the song, makes OWL’s own voice as a mountain peak soaring out of the muddied societal mud that we sometimes we feel stuck with. It’s your ticket to rock and dance. No matter how you dance. Just dance. And we do. In mind and by body, we shuffle and roll to the goodness of ‘Defiant’. What a sweet little surprise of a song, this was. Kudos.


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