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Porch Light Apothecary Shares ‘Lost In You’. New Album ‘Weight Of The Heart’ Drops Aug. 31st.

Ever since starting the band in 2014, the music has continued to evolve and change, hitting new elements of emotions for their fans to enjoy. and with their upcoming new album ‘Weight Of The Heart’, they have set a goal to please the mind and at the same time aggressively caress the indie-rock in all of us.

In ‘Lost In You’, the demand is high from the vocals of Brent Jordan. The husky vocals blended with the Americana atmosphere of the band, quickly transports you to a realm of possibilities. Here you can fall in love without consequences, fall out of love with no regrets, and here, you can transform yourself to a greater emotional ‘you’, you’d been wanting.

“You and me. We’re one.”

“Me and you. United forever.”

Her lips tasted like the heavens of gold and peaches. My head swirled.

We were complete.

PORCH LIGHT APOTHECARY consists of: Brent Jordan, Jason Elliott, Brandon Whitesell and, Chris Wear.

Don’t miss them on September 1st for their ‘Weight Of The Heart’ Album Release Party @ Kings (Raleigh, North Carolina).



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