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Porches premieres new ‘Goodbye’ (Official Video). Always poignant. Always compelling.

“I run through the family of feelings, hidden in the pangs and ticks of my nervous system. Feelings, dawn then subside into the darkness of my own becoming. It’s unheard of, in alternate spaces and Universes. They must think I’m mad. They must think I’m senseless. Why do I feel like I’m the small animal in a bucket where I can’t seem to escape.” – CHF

Porches’ Aaron Maine projects the vulnerability with one note. Always.

His natural born ability to ask the hard question, the hard mythical, unattainable questions about daily life and life’s hardships, magnificently draw up the scenarios in the songs AND in the music videos.

Succinctly, the tales detailed in these visuals get at the heart of some of the big walls people must overcome. Or in many cases, the description in the challenges of everyday doesn’t have any heroes, but just the fact that Endurance through it all MUST be the cornerstone in survival.

That’s what Porches mean to us.



It’s no different in ‘Goodbye’. The subject is fiction, the challenges very real.

Always a delight to listen.

Always sentimentally harsh in bringing forth personal memories.


‘Goodbye’ is from ‘The House’ available now [HERE]



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