Port Juvee ‘Desert Moon Palace’ : Makes it easy to choose… to rock, that is!

Port Juvee / Photo: Kira Locke

Calgary post-punk band Port Juvee makes it easy to choose. To rock, that is!

The sultry contrasts of their single’s lyrics, up against the invigorating chords that riff across the midnight sky, delivers with fresh revelries that the song advertises. With simple lookps of continual pleasures in riffs, conjoined in a vast journey of fun and decadence, ‘Desert Moon Palace’ is just the crux of the iceberg, awaiting your heart to come and play.

The LP ‘MOTION CONTROL’ sees the band addressing themes of communication and a subsequent breakdown in an age of endless technological advancement. The lead single, ‘Hope to Lose’ tackles a flawed model of success thrust upon current generations by previous ones. ‘Desert Moon Palace’ is an introspective surfy jam that reflects on life decisions and the never-ending search for more. ‘Tropics’ sees the band experimenting with a softer, slow-burning approach and title track ‘Motion Control’ is a futuristic odyssey fueled by anxious synths and cinematic stylings.

You just can’t lose. It’s a NO BRAINER.

‘MOTION CONTROL’ is out now, yo.


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