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PORTEAU Shares ‘River Song’. “PORTEAU is there, waiting, holding out their hands.” Debut Album Drops March 15.

Vancouver duo, PORTEAU, will debut with ‘Water’s Gate’ in March 15, 2019. Consisting of Victoria Williams and Craig Stevenson, the musical individuals came crashing into collaboration on a chance encounter. An encounter like many love stories, the two then merged into a new and exciting (dare we say, ‘hypnotic’) love affair of music, sounds, and vivid bending of worldly definitions.

Love can grow into many things. Convivial, gnostic, confounding, rash, irrepressible – a swath of transformations guide our mostly irrational bags of chemicals, through uncharted waters of life.

But PORTEAU is there, waiting, holding out their hands in support.

Taking homage through the traditional folk inspirations of western Canada, their music bends and expands in a fluid pattern of emotions. Nourished in substance of the heart, based in the performances of the often confused self; resilience in defiance is soaked in deep within each arrangement and lyrical operatic connotations.

Textures of malign colors lay for all of us to experience, through this ethereal soundscape of ‘River Song’. Depicted and molded by Victoria’s vocals, you admire and pause, just like a paining on that wall of paintings. Then the final, rushed self-recognition is weighed against the ultimate judgement.

It drops to the floor, with unlimited conviction.

It opens up your eyes to new possibilities from tragedy.

It can be a new beginning to an old tale.

The open space is the protagonist in ‘River Song’, as it pumps life giving blood, to a room of sharp blues and nothing else. The slow and languid language of the song brings forth the bubbling renaissance of truths, we often neglect.

PORTEAU will tour British Columbia and Alberta in March/April.



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