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Possible Oceans // Carrabelle // Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners // New Love Crowd // Depth Charger

Possible Oceans – Falling Backwards

“After six days alone in a city (Mexico City) where everyone speaks a different language,” reminisced Trevor O’Neill, “and you don’t know anyone, you can really get in your head. Mexico City is one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever been and I love it, but these solo trips are challenging for me. It’s a powerful experience to be cut off from your routines like that. Having so much time alone with my thoughts really made me reflect on my patterns and habits, especially my tendency to let circumstances dictate my mood, which has often led me to depression. This song is about recognizing your demons, calling them (and yourself) out, and being kind of reborn in the process.” With pungent noose of throbbing guitar chords, ‘Falling Backwards’ finds itself in a caress with its audience. Recognition, complete.

Carrabelle – Lay Low

“This song started with the words ‘turning back to dust and hoping we’re remembered’ for me,” said Max. “All of our hopes, plans, and dreams depend on life, but we have only 70 or 80 years. This song drives home the point to me that we have to make good use of that time.” Lay Low touches on the bands post-hardcore roots, while still showing their reinvented alternative rock sound.” Consisting of Maxwell Wersinger, Austin Parker, Jared Stone, and Bradley Sisson, this alt indie rock band of quintessential emotive assertions, keep on driving up the tally. The slight misgivings of tales being told, the lyrics and vocals, chime with accessible interpretations and viable support for what’s here – now.

Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners – END

Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners are an independent folk/alt rock band based in Colorado. With dove soft sentiments and motions of seaside wave rhythms, the band’s single ‘END’ is a recession of the mind and heart, for what had been and ‘what if’. The somber guitar notes, and beautiful vocal expressions, the band makes it a point to analyze and exemplify, the truth of what we fail to do when things just don’t go the way it should. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes, everything – in nothingness. A patchwork of thoughts swim through our brains, freezing often, our natural reactions – in lieu of the external and internal fears.

New Love Crowd – Give You Up

Travis Swinford is the name. And his project NEW LOVE CROWD is stupendous. Formerly of Holy Youth, Drew Price, Dommel Mosel, Flower Girl, and responsible for Plainss, the obvious work-a-holic in music tends to kick you up sideways with his music, in delicacy and in its seductive narrative. ‘Give You Up’ continues that trend with delicious 70’s vibes and harmonies to melt even the coldest of hearts; and humor upon humor to keep the seriousness of love and loss to a manageable state. ‘Give You Up’ is that pretend smile of a man who is determined not to cry to coordinate with his heart’s desire. It is that man’s last ditch effort to salvage his ego, while knowing that by doing this, he’s losing his beloved. Will that man wake up? Will that man realize? Or will it be too late?? Travis asks the right questions.

Depth Charger – Ghost

‘Ghost’ is a Brit-rock anthem to a certain part of difficulty. A despotic assertion to the thesis of being a friend. An adjusted rejection of the counter argument for whether there can be trust once more. Of course there can be. But not for the guilty. Kevin Laws said: “I wrote after a band leader (and a friend) ran off with our masters and our kick starter money to a different city where he picked up new musicians. Chronicling feelings of betrayal, abandonment and a desire to give up music.” Thoughts of giving up is the norm in this fateful world we reside. It’s the ocean of undertows that seek to cut us off at the legs. Sometimes that force wins. Most of the time, we triumph. DEPTH CHARGER’s single is a signal for the latter.


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