Possible Oceans Shares ‘Throw The Knife’. Upcoming EP ‘PHASE CHANGE’ Drops August 17.

POSSIBLE OCEANS is an L.A. based band led by singer/guitarist Trevor O’Neill and long-time songwriting partner singer/guitarist Daniel Berkman. And what they do is take harmonies and sensibilities, molding and crafting for that moment when you kiss – oh, that kiss with him that sends you off into that other-world.

In ‘Throw The Knife’, that is exactly what has been done.

Holding his waist, I went in closer. His body heat near me, and I felt my heart, beat faster and faster. I needed to manage it better, I thought to myself.

His strong hands held me by my shoulders, and I blushed. Looking at his eyes, I knew it was time.

He slowly bent down, and met me in the middle of that little Universe, existing only for that moment between him and me. Then his lips met mine, turning my nerves underneath my gloss layered skin, into overdrive.

I closed my eyes. Savoring his taste.

The moving and shifting of skin-on-skin.

I loved it. I adored it. It made my head spin.

On August 17th, their newest EP ‘PHASE CHANGE’ will drop. They had collaborated with producer Aki Ehara of The Seshen and they think they’ve achieved a ‘sound that is at once invigorating and unnerving’, at the same time.

What kind of alchemy is that??

It’s not alchemy, you silly. It’s fab music.



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