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Possimiste // French Alps Tiger // Camille Miller // Paper Lions // Birdbath

Possimiste – Unseeable

Estonian-born artist POSSIMISTE is a all of the goodness that Björk and Kate Bush had brought to us in their careers. From angelic vocals to the trippy chimes of her arrangements, the psychedelic-space journey begins and ends with prominent excellence and selfies when POSSIMISTE comes to town to visit. And unlike your extended family member, POSSIMISTE is a change of pace for the hectic life that you lead. A charming and energizing relief of sound and energy that you’d never want to reject. The universe is a world of possibilities. POSSIMISTE is one of those, in action.

French Alps Tiger – Tell A Lie

Russ, Duffy, Jess and Durke make up FRENCH ALPS TIGER. A unique animal of chords and claws made up of scintillating rock n’ roll, the surf-rock framed indie band keeps clawing at our thighs, urging us to open up to their unanimity. Why? Because ‘Tell A Lie’ is kick-ass, and when you want a back hand slap across your face, to snap out of that funky love you’d been harboring for that girl in class – FRENCH ALPS TIGER wants to be there for you. So, dance on that floor. Do that ‘come hither’ index finger gesture to that girl, and invite her over to dance. Be bold. Be confident. Be you. She’ll see you for who you really are and what you can bring to the table. As for first date dinner costs – you’re on your own.

Camille Miller – Building Steam

“This song was a reprimand to myself for feeling inadequate, insecure, scared to ‘Go out and possibly fail,” said CAMILLE MILLER of her single ‘Building Steam’. “This song is meant to give solace to anyone who is striving to succeed in their Art/Field. As we venture out on a limb, we are bound to fail…its the getting back up that is most important…” A thoughtful artist at heart, Camille takes the days one day at a time and tries to do her best to soak in the moments that matter to her. With a singer/songwriter career that has continue with the latest single ‘Building Steam’, she builds bridges in between her emotional rifts for betterment and possible help for others. Born in Germany and raised on military bases throughout Canada, the gal with music in her existence kept Carly Simon, The Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder right by her growing years. Look for light and bright vocals to keep you happy with her new EP, which will drop soon.

Paper Lions – Rhythm & Gold

Fun? Heck yea. PAPER LIONS brings that kind of rock on to the stage and lets you do what you want. As your dancey habits come out of the closet, you become ‘one’ with the single ‘Rhythm & Gold’. It’s about where life can be. You. Us. All together. Tackling the world with the high of gals and guys knowing that anything can be possible. For love is eternal and has much positivity to give. So, let’s take advantage of it. Let PAPER LIONS be that wind beneath your wings as you walk towards that glorious horizon. “‘Rhythm & Gold’ tries to capture the excitement and fun of falling for the first time,” stated the band. “Falling in love with music, falling in love with someone special and discovering your own freedom for the first time. The early excitement of starting a band can feel a lot like the thrill of an early romance and it seemed like a natural way to tap into the origin story of PAPER LIONS.” Cool, right? We think so.

Birdbath – found you anyway

Duo Peitzke and Taylor Casey makes it really hard not to like their single ‘Found You Anyway’. Part electro-pop, blended with EDM sensibilities, and secured by indie-pop vibes, the song is a structure of feelings upon relevant feelings that get-in or surround our daily haunts. The Santa Barbara based duo keeps it chill, as the lyrics of their single resoundingly puts the burden of proof to the nay-sayers of what could be, to take the premise into ‘action-mode’. The energy is of California sunshine, booted with the laid back vibes of a world without consequences. Of course, reality is never without consequences, but isn’t it nice to have ‘Found You Anyway’ to fantasize for a while? Word.


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