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Postcards Share ‘Hunting Season’ Off Of Upcoming Album ‘The Good Soldier’ (January 3rd).

‘Hunting Season’ is the 2nd single off of Postcards’ upcoming album ‘The Good Soldier’ (January 3rd, 2020). And when you touch the song in your head, it glistens with love and stories that are of harrowing victories – small in stature, as they might be.

The shoeglaze sheen, and the oppulence of Julia Sabra’s beautifully distinct and altruistic vocals, conjoin into a new-wave-like conjunction in proper antagonisms. The revolving kinks of life and its behemoth weight, delivers in full as the song delivers its own plight and angst.

The band stated that the song is about “…living in denial by creating an idealistic version of life, where our relationships and ethics are clear and unwavering.”

A blindness of self, in a tattle tale version of self-defense, is what we are molded into as our travel through this time and space deepens. The versions of yourself is many, as our biological realisms evolve and manipulate our emotional and central convictions. The auditory rebellion, lessons as our inner admiration for the more comforting, bubbles with more pride and justifiable confidence.

It’s what life is, as us, within the skin of our specious makeup.

Postcards is made up of talents: Julia Sabra, Marwan Tohme, and Pascal Semerdjian. And their music represents another dimension of what is utterly sensual, without becoming such cliche. A world that is summoned into such lacky position, seems to have missed the full debrief of how and why the band constructs such honesty in their work.

The trio from Beirut, Lebanon has released 3 EPs and a full album named ‘I’ll be here in the morning’ (2018).

Hush, and listen to Postcards. It’ll do you good.

See them next @ Societaetstheater Dresden, Germany on March 3rd, 2020.



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