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Posterboys – Hopeless Case

Why do humans become attracted to another human? Yes, there is the pheromone situation, but there are many many more variables that get into play, no? Physical, personality, likes vs. dislikes, attitude, etc. Guess this question is moot, for we’re not robots, right? Posterboys’ Hopeless Case just foregoes that complication, and tells of a tale about being in lust but in a modest way. Kinda.

And that’s where the lyrics and the song becomes fun.

We, as humans, are weird.

We’re weird animals; vertebrates.

And it’s a good thing that we are complicated and messed up (most of the time, secretly), because we wouldn’t have music.

The arts, self expression, individual interpretations, distinct faults, errors, redemptions, victories.

All of that just comes, hand-in-hand.

‘Hopeless Case’ presents the indignant momentary lapse in our personal psyche, which fails us, sometimes.

But that failure is an integral part of the ‘victories’ and ‘conquests’ we culminate, towards.

It’s the very ‘sour and the sweet’ theorem.

Both have to be tasted, for each to be appreciated.

Appreciation is a part of recognition. Recognition swerves us into acceptance.

Acceptance, morphs into settlement.

Settlement, becomes action.

Well, that’s the supposition, anyways.

This song isn’t a scientific paper, but it’s a fun way for CHF to talk about things that we, would anyways.


Ok, ’nuff said.

The gang in Paperboys is rep’ed by Furuberget– indie label in Oslo Norway.

‘Hopeless Case’ is a song in their debut 11 song album ‘The Notorious Posterboys’, which dropped mid-November.

Notoriously good, we’d opine.

We dig it.



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