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TheMightySmall’s Single ‘The Scar Runs Deep’ Brings The Feels Through Mighty Riffs & Heartfelt Lyrics.

THEMIGHTYSMALL is Paolo Morena, and we’ve seen the light. The musical ‘light’ that is. It’s the mix of the complex blues, rock, and the roll, that is blended deliciously with some souther soul rock that lifts this single ‘The Scar Runs Deep’ right into the stratosphere.

It’s so, so good. The power in this song is indescribable, really. We were blown away by this exhibition of such musical demonstration. It is our shame of not having known of TMS (Morena), but we know of him and his output now. And that’s what counts, most.

The smoothness is heightened by the dreamy guitar work, the fantastic lyrics and the ‘drive’ of the collection of instruments – all coalescing perfectly in slaying our sensibilities like no other.

Were we drunk when we listened to this? Nope.

Amazing right?

The single sits on top of the world, and we don’t want it to be toppled down. For Morena’s work brings to mind the great memories of the first time listening to Jeff Buckley’s record ‘Grace’. That one blew our minds. And this kind of resonance has happened with Morena as well.

It’s a fascinating and exciting event for any enthusiast. Late to the party, but adding the spice – that’s our responsibility now.

We’re very glad we’d gotten to start to know a bit of THE MIGHTY SMALL and Paolo Morena. Can’t wait to dive in further.



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