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Prader + knecht Shares ‘It’s Not Enough’. “This society driven world we dwell.”

Martin Prader and Ronja Rinderknecht started formerly with this duo project in 2008. And with the years, the artist and musicians, have gained in spirit and knowledge the way we all would love to in our daily lives.

The Switzerland based band writes about “unnecessary fear of the unknown and about losing everything”. They see as inquisitors for who ask the right and big questions that feels correct at this time.

Martin and Ronja aren’t afraid of the answers, either, as they accept the premise, the journey, and the outcomes of a life that deserves more attention to the positive.

They’ve released 3 records with a 4th due to drop this October.

They are music, the soul of love, and for love.

‘It’s Not Enough’ is a counter argument to what that threshold presides. Let’s not get too greedy. It might come to bite you.

Martin and Ronja cheers us all on in this society driven world we dwell.



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