Prateek Kuhad’s Title Single’s Video ‘cold/mess’. Another Look At The This Beautiful Song.

Recorded in Nashville, but primarily written in his native India, PRATEEK KUHAD’s latest album ‘cold/mess’ dropped about 5 months ago. And from then, there had been hail storms of praise from critics and fans all around the world. And all of that is due to Parteek’s intelligent honesty and demure suppleness of delivery, in his songs. The sophomore album had been the first time he’d had collaboration with outside producers.

“There are six songs on the EP, and each one fuses bits of truth and fiction together to convey a very personal emotion from a very specific moment in my life,” explained Prateek. “The tracks all work together to tell a bigger story about love, heartache, angst, and conflict.”

The title single ‘cold/mess’ is a song of utter love and devotion. The long road of love is filled with potholes and distractions. But in Prateek’s interpretation, that kind of mess is certainly worth sticking around for. The world is a big place of many follies, but there is, at a certain time, when a relationship solidifies, and a cementing happens between two souls. A chain of lust, gratitude, anger, emotions, and loyalty – a fortress of undoubted transformation of 2 becoming into 1.

“Every song has a color to me,” explained Prateek. “I wanted each track to have its own visual identity so that the images and the music could all combine to tell the story of this collection.

“After high school, I moved to New York to attend NYU, and that’s when I discovered Elliott Smith” explained Kuhad. “His music changed everything for me. It was all I listened to my entire freshman year. After that, I started listening to Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie along with newer artists like Laura Marling and Fleet Foxes. It inspired me to get serious about the guitar and begin writing my own songs.”

Beautiful stuff.

The video was shot in Mumbai on 16mm film by director Dar Gai (starring Zoya Hussain and Jim Sarbh). It’s real, in a sense, that it matches many our individual relationships. The video was produced by Jugaad Motion Pictures. Cinematographer is Aditya Varma.

PRATEEK KUHAD will swing to the US on March 17th (Houston), with the tour ending in April 4th at NYC’s Mercury Lounge.


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