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Prawn – Hunter

Prawn’s Hunter retrospectively and retroactively takes us back to the early alternate rock styles that we loved. Hunter retains and accelerates that ‘feel’ and ‘accessibility’ such a band affords us – the public.

Rock-yum-rock, we say.

To be serious, it’s the atmosphere we love, a la classic 90’s bands like: Weezer, Oasis, Blind Melon, etc. Prawn isn’t like them in actual output style, but just the aura that captures us and slings us back to that, once, cozy place.

The band stands on their own with their DNA make-up, and body of work, but it has that additional ‘thing’ that we can’t really put words to.

But in any case, that ‘thing’ is what drew us to Prawn.

There are plenty of bands that sound like bands in the past. That’s not new news. But bringing their own spices to that dish is another.

NJ bands are very good at keeping the original flames alive of rock, and Prawn does this with the grittiness that deserves.

‘Oh those are spicy meatballs!’

Listening to Hunter, one cannot help but think: “yea, this would be fab listening to, live”.

And if you’re thinking that, we think you’re correct.

Let’s dig it.

Prawn is rep’ed by Top Shelf Records in San Diego. Check ’em both out!



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