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Prayer Group Shares ‘ The Other’ Off Of Upcoming EP ‘Eudean’.

Passive-aggressive?? Nope. Aggressive-Aggressive. That is what PRAYER GROUP’s single ‘The Other’ is, will be, and always. The thundering subterfuge within the dynamically cogent frontal riff attack, cuts you open and then licks the wound. It’s a casual fact of loving the aggressor, even in the light of being pummeled to incoherence.

Your head pounds.

Your feet pounds harder.

Your heart races with upbeat ticks.

You feel as if the world had never been so alive.

Matt Voegel, Ethan, Anthony Stout, and Nate D. make up this fabulous quartet of succulent noise and grinding affection. And when the Richmond, Virginia based dark-psyche band comes pouring fuel (fyi, always premium fuel) down you wanting emotions, you gladly pull out your own lighter, check if its up for the job, then see the world turn into a glow.

These folks do that quite ably with ‘The Other’.

We expect the same thrusting vibe will continue with their upcoming EP ‘Eudean’ (July 19), a 4 song offering that should be amply succinct, rockin’, and more than able to give you a nice bleeding nose.



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