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Precept – Awake

Leeds based PRECEPT started out making orchestral and ambient music for films and TV shows on BBC, ESPN, Channel 4/5. Then, two EPs later, and fist full of live experiences (including opening for Kllo), he’d come out with this single ‘Awake’. Singular and focused, the manipulations of sound and emotional sweeps, weep as it marches on through that sliver of time and space. The fully instrumental offering, diversifies PRECEPT’s portfolio, strengthening it with a journey of escapism and an eagle’s eye’s perspective on an impending rapture. That journey starts again, anew.

Tourist – Emily

TOURIST’s new album ‘Everyday’ drops February 15th. And before that time, a disparate and significant conversation for the times occurs within this single ‘Emily’. In it the pouch full of emotions, garnered from an individual of keen sensibility or possibly from a mind full of dexterity ridden optimism, it churns in synchronicity. William Phillips is the heart behind his project. “I’m interested in exploring human themes through sound. Family, mental health, loss, love. I sit at home by myself most days, writing music. It’s quite an insular life, and it can be claustrophobic but I suppose much of my new music is an attempt to produce work that is outwardly facing. I want my music to connect and to tell a human story through samples, sounds and melody.” Catch TOURIST on his 2019 tour beginning at Sonia, February 20th, Boston.

Scott Thorough – Erik And I

SCOTT THOROUGH is a Brooklyn-born rap producer, film composer. And in ‘Erik And I’, we see an artist’s beginning. A new beginning signifying a new chape in life, in art, in mind, and in heart. A different route to a common focus, has many deviations, and delights. Scott chooses to go with the grayness – the awe inspiring excitement of dipping deep into that fog of the unknown. ‘Erik And I’ turns the key to that gateway for hope, nuance, and utter drive for clarity. His first solo album ‘Bird’ (available now) is a compilation of Scott’s works from film and electronic productions. The 16 track offering runs the gamut from warmth and the essential.

JohnT – Time

Marseilles, France based artist JohnT, brings ‘Time’ to life. The house driven artifact of dance and emotion, it relegates the previous days into unlikely allies of truth and visually native appeal. With a sprinkling of vocals, dowsed by a warm shower of digital rain, the single sullies your heart for the glow of a past love. We seek a new parting of the senses, as we walk down a corridor of shimmer and opportunities. Look for more from JohnT.

Chris Cowley, Steve S. & Decibel Rockerz feat. Denyse LePage – Agent 808

Agent 808 is a straight out “homage to the Roland 808 and the 80’s Disco-Sound”. And you can’t blame them for doing so, for the 808 sound is iconic and awe inspiring to every part of the artist and the audience member in all of us. Deep, warm, and affectionate, the synth goodness is palpable to the rights and passages of all humanity’s indelible emotional limitations. However, the summation of such sounds, drive our inner beast-mode, to come and ultimately play in this world of excitement, doubts, solidarity, and individualism. Track features Denyse LePage’s time spanning vocals which originates from her band LIME.


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