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PREMIERE // Adah ‘Dark (Had My Heart)’ : Sumptuous. It glimpses into different empathies and emotional catechisms.


Toronto-born musician, ADAH astonishes with simplicity and complexity, in the pop goodness of darkly synthesized glory of ‘Dark (Had My Heart)’. Bringing a beautifully different and so very nostalgic juxtaposition, ADAH’s single, delivers with palpable grit, assertion, and undeniable charisma.

Contrary to her debut single ‘Goodbyes’, she tries her hand at a more upbeat dance track with a darker message. The song depicts her past juggling of drugs and raves, and her struggle to part ways and open a new life chapter.

And it hits, from dawn till dusk as the song glimpses into different empathies and emotional catechisms.

“The song is about losing yourself on the dance floor so naturally I wanted to create a dance track,” said ADAH. “There’s a chaotic beauty in letting yourself go as the music pulses through your body at a rave. I wanted to recreate that feeling but in a pop song, so I used a bunch of distorted synths which are chaotic and beautiful in their own way.”

Scarcity of a portion of you; sometimes lost, your resolve is found once more deeply hidden at the bottom of that well of life. Emboldening the new-you, which gather through vision and new powers of optimism, they burst open for a new beginning of cause and self relevance.

Can you really come back from those darkened depths?

ADAH has and the lessons learned, will forever form the works of beauty she’ll create.

‘Dark (Had My Heart)’ is one. It means you’re worth it.


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