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PREMIERE: Akiine’s 3rd EP ‘Red’ Drops June 7th. “Exploring creative edges, forging dynamism. Again, and again.”

Akiine is our safety blanket. She and her music comforts us to the n-th degree. Her dynamism of creation is sparkling. The notion of our inner ‘potential’ goes to higher powers of natural immersions, in accordance with her. The waters reach your nose, nearly drowning out the irreversible; as Akiine’s irresistible vocals guide you through a maze of textures and truths.

Her truths. Your truths. Together.

‘Red’ is this alt-r&b/soul and future-pop tinged artist’s latest EP. A five track return to her self-produced and self-directed statement for a journey to be had. Following up her EP ‘Neptune’ from 3 years ago, the personal and customized craftsmanship explodes in understated extravagance.

“It just felt right naming it ‘Red’. To me Red means strength, creativity and believing in yourself,” Akiine stated. “I can relate to that as this is my first EP that has been 100% my creative vision, and I stand for it. It’s about creating your own sparks, and feeding your inner imagination, no matter what people say outside of you.”

Akiine is Swedish-born Akiine Ngarambe and this prolifically succinct artist, musician, and musical poet, is the sole arbiter of destinies, suppositions, and humble ambitions, via her music. She invites us on a journey with every breath of nuance when she speaks. She invites us on a journey with every thought of salutation; driving manifested emotions further down into the future of futures. She invites us on a journey of beautifully inlayed nuggets of golden wisdom, never forceful, but always delightfully heavy in philosophical intuitions.

The minimal spoken word style of delivery by Akiine, is at the core of her body of works, which bounce off frames of pop and synth. The majestic and palpable ingredients within her songs drive home with utmost uniqueness and profound methods for connecting and communicating with her audience.

‘Red’ continues that endeavor as Akiine’s dialectic and brooding expositions in sound comes at the expense of worldly possessions and mis-characterized affections for things that just don’t matter, or as much.

“I feel like magic lives in me. I feel like a little world in a bigger galaxy but with them all inside me like an inner outer space. That’s what the expression feels like. Like two forces. Kind of like a supernova glowing and glowing, ready to implode.”

Akiine is our safety blanket.

‘Plastic’ and ‘Once’ are her two starting singles off of her EP and it sets the right tones and hues for the rest of the album. It is the heavenly introduction and re-introduction to what Akiine is all about. It dowses cold water onto the delicious knack of her song construction and talent. With witty chorus and palpable synth soundscapes, you’re immediately taken, and taken away. ‘Don’t Wanna’ is a wake up call to the feeling of “the beginning of a relationship.” But again, Akiine’s highly stylized presentation whisks you off on a melodious tangent you’d not want to get off of. ‘About It’ And ‘Red’ injects a pop/freestyle element to the framing and they set you off for the EP’s landing. The upbeat tinge increases with the two singles, reminding you of reticent sensibilities and a return to a grander scale of perspectives.

Akiine provides and has always provided, music that has always been about true expansion in styles. With her understated vocals, dialed down charming production, and impeccably tight lyrical progressions, the more you deep-dive into her works, the more you become fond of her powers.

The London based artist is a compelling reason for why we love music, the way we all should. Her full-on, consuming honesty, both on and off-stage evokes feelings of respect and awe. She is driven by the awesome power of her creative talents, where she recognizes the positivity to work and work diligently in exposing another layer of goodness for all of us to glimpse.

Akiine is an artist whose effervescence for life, through her music, makes our days better.

Love her together with us.

As we do, whole-heartedly.

‘Red’ drops June 7th.



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