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PREMIERE (ALBUM): Miserable chillers To Drop New Album ‘Schoënblintsjia’ (FEB 22nd).

Beth Rudig

“A shoulder to lean on”, is what the newest album offering from enigmatically resonant artist Miserable chillers, offers. It drives questions, which keeps the demons of life at arms length – all with an ambient allure. The 6 track EP ‘Schoënblintsjia’ is a somber trip into a part of the artists’ inherent sonic talents. From sadness to the malign; from repertoire to hymns for the grandiose – the album engrosses you with the un-earned emotions, you desperately want to cash.

Miserable chillers is the project of Miguel Gallego. The artist had been featured in July of 2018 for his shoegazy/bedroom-pop single ‘‘Un canto a Galicia’, which happened to have been the Song Of The Day, that day. We’d called ‘Un canto a Galicia’: “Refreshing. Adorable. Fascinatingly delicious…Mix British New Wave, Talking Heads, and sprinkle of avant-guard shoe-gaze attitude for music construction, then you have the starting point for this band.”

The NYC based artist (originally from New Jersey) seeks to ‘live’ in the ‘grey’ state of things. His mind turns and churns for the outer reaches of his abilities and of the external embodiments of, what he deems to be, his musical calling. Moments align, into collages of notes, prevailed by the antithetical and the contrasting shades of purple, pink, white, black…trickling and deviating, from valleys and peaks of intents.

And in his latest album ‘Schoënblintsjia’ keeps its promise to be, exactly that. Different, experimental, radical, but managed – the singles imbue the a series of chapters, of mind and of possible emotions, that was set aside in the bright corners of Miguel’s nascent but already emblematic career in producing quality musical excursions.

The 6 track EP is an adamant piece of craftsmanship, reflected from the sheen of ‘city experiences’, expressed by the way of multiple genres.

The EP leans in gently with the caustic visions of the first track ‘Fleeter Even Than Mercury’. The industrial voices of distant laser fixations, collect your memes to your soul, marinating your body of meat, all for the trip to come forth. Your submergence starts quickly, and as you rely on that which you cannot recollect, where a plain of knowledge reassures you with the single ‘Cider Palace’. And in it, a more familiar return to guitar strums in solace, beckons. A malign pleasure, in your secret garden, welcomes you to a place of calm. But underneath it all, there still lies questions in a color of ‘what can’t be described’. You keep on, however, trying to forget what’s ahead – enjoying this moment; this state. Then ‘Clobbering The Heavens’ pulls you back to the place you are intrinsically filled with trepidation. The industrial waves of stars, diving into the sea, continues to formulate the speculative existence; a diaphragm in contingent relevance.

‘Fables Of Attention’ turns the chapter. It is that safe place once more. The calm of the bass frets, working to calm your frayed nerves, with harmonics to tinge your soul to a redeeming plateau. As your journey continues, an acceptance of palpable pangs, start to wear away the crusts of life and its longings. The guitar work returns in, ‘Enamel Garden’, as the notes give peace and a solemn joy to the scene. A small smile of reality, up-ticks at the edges of your mouth, in full embrace of what has just occurred; whatever may come, you have become transformed, irrevocably. Opening your eyes, the room is filled with the voices of the past and the present. Crowding out at the distance is the voices of the future, yet too weak to come forth with strength and emphasis. In ‘The Great Prick Story’ that voice is the lighthouse at the edges of your mind, still unsure of what’s to come, but certain that the future isn’t as forbidding as once thought. The call to arms, returns, with better understanding, and a bigger fighting spirit.

Miguel’s strength lies in his absolute conviction to art and his musical methods of expression. He’ll go from pop, to rock, to experimental, as the winds of his heart dictate. But one thing’s for certain: his ability to bring his best will never die. The albums sonic aims were a definite surprise, as we’d not expected for him to produce something that was so varied and different from his previous offerings.

Let’s take the journey.

‘Schoënblintsjia’ drops FEB 22nd on Baby-Blue Records.



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