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PREMIERE // Alec Danger ‘Crack in the Sky’ : With electric atmosphere, it taunts with wonderment and betterment.

Alec Danger

Alec Danger shares ‘Crack in the Sky’. Officially out via Eclipse Music, the track’s suspended, tense chord progression paints a canvas for a bleak and often silenced theme. And as it surges with electric atmosphere, it taunts with wonderment and betterment.

“Toxic relationships are so common in our time that we’ve almost grown numb to them,” said Alec. “Words like ‘narcissism’ have worn out, as new descriptions of mental illnesses emerge. In the beginning, there is often a shine to these relationships, as there is to a new drug, until the true nature unfolds, and only addiction is left. Still so many of us have fallen for a toxic partner. And many stay with them, due to the fear of letting go and being left alone.”


Lessons beget another chance for a revision of memories and heart-aching challenges. Own vision for the wrongs and problems, never become under-spun to new definitions in guilt. Your inabilities to become self-aware; of deriding ambiguities, suffocating your every pore.

Alec lets you “face your own problems, suffering and disorientation so you can become self aware”. Alec’s music is a reflection on complexity. It is “discourse-pop with a clear, unfiltered message”.

It’s existence is a triumph, for you, for us, for our mis-understood selves and its limits.


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