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PREMIERE // Alex Carpi ‘Big City’ : Refreshing breeze and nostalgia. Let’s go.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Alex Carpi

Refreshing breeze and nostalgia. With Alex Carpi’s vocals, you will travel. You will travel to that place where all of your memories are all the things you’d wanted. Elaborate vibes don’t have the gumption that is represented by the vibrance of Alex’s revelry for life and unpretentiousness for existence.

‘Big City’ is a “love letter to my home in Melbourne, Australia,” said Alex. “How I feel when I’m driving back into the city, and I see the skyline over the highway. The anticipation of a Saturday night, and being able to show my friends from out of town all the good places to go. This city has shaped me, swallowed me whole and spat me back out. It’s fun, it’s happy, it’s exciting. I’ve got the map on the back of my hand, come with me.”

Pop-rock extravaganza, and a fabulous representation of grounded effervescence, Alex comes with all of the might and right for what power-of-music can do. The uplifting anthem for a physical location is in fact, can be the correct representation for the heart of you, us, and of the world’s souls and their intentions.

Life is short.

Take flight with the things that makes you passionate, happy, joyful, and make it your own. The artist offers the energy to thrive, and she takes you along for the ride. She is here and you shouldn’t miss the chance. This 23 year old is making a splash with her professional career thrust, by spring-boarding from 2019 and into the new year.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.


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