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PREMIERE // Alex Maher ‘Love’s a Fire’ : Decadent pop ensemble of truth, justice, and grooves.

Alex Maher

‘Love’s a Fire’ is the 2nd single from Alex Maher’s upcoming EP, ‘Dream Final’. And in this decadent pop ensemble of truth, justice, and grooves, Alex delivers with the vibes that accelerate feelings of lust and dreams of love.

The song is a celebration of his thoughts leading up to his own wedding in 2019. Lyrically the song touches on the Vancouver housing crisis and the steep cost of living. Alex’s love for his city, opened up a war chest of sentiments, warning of such perils to come. In an overarching way, however, the song is about and for the human concept of love. A perplexing cauldron of emotions, that, as Alex offers, should never been waned nor forgotten.

“To me, ‘Love’s a Fire’ is an expression of an all-encompassing love,” said Alex. “I wrote it in the months leading up to my wedding as I was getting ready to get married and embark on a lifelong partnership. It’s about love’s ability to renew and make us see things differently. So as the years pass, and you get caught up in the grind, and challenges come, that spark of passion is always there to be renewed. With that, you can face anything together.”

His 2017 EP, ‘Aether’, marked the end of a struggle with addiction stemming from mental illness after the loss of a dear friend.

Set for release on February 21st, 2020, ‘Dream Final’ is Alex’s third solo EP. The EP expands from Aether’s introspection, to global issues from climate change and social alienation in the digital age.

See Alex next @ Blarney Stone, Vancouver on February 8th.


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