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PREMIERE: AlfanAnt Shares ‘Head in the Clouds’. “The live atmosphere of the band is fabulous to feel.”

AlfanAnt is devised of two musical components of fun and sun. Alf is based out of Tasmania, where Ant in from Queensland, and the duo with brings a pocket full of sunshine in their single ‘Head In The Clouds’.

And when the folk-roots based duo starts to tell stories, their audience comes to listen and enjoy the music they display. ‘Head In The Clouds’ is a perfect example of songs that are whimsical in nature, where stress isn’t part of the package. The focus of the song is to get us engaged with the goodness of the world as it sometimes feels like it’s spinning without a care for the vulnerable.

The honest integrity flows through the strings and hearts of AlfanAnt, as they musically prance along, with all of us in tow.

Alf and Ant had been finalists in the Queensland Music Award 2018 (Blues/Roots Catagory), and we can feel why they climbed so far. The airy acoustics, no frills attitude, and vocals to charm age groups from kids to adults, the live atmosphere of the band is fabulous to feel.

The good hearted performers keep on telling their stories, with accustomed banter and light-hearted reverence for life.

So, let’s get to it.

AlfanAnt extends their invitation.

Following their EP ‘Lucky’, and they’re ready to debut their full album ‘Aurora Australis’ in June 2019.



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