PREMIERE: Amberlake Shares ‘Oh My God’. “Acceptance. Forgiveness. Breaking away.”

New single ‘Oh My God’ by London based synth-pop duo Amberlake comes at us with an angular story line, which melds in cloud-like notes delighting in the vocals, dancing and twinkling.

The synth driven pop-arrangement derives a feeling of domination, which engulfs your every thought during a process of utter excitement and cantankerous giddiness in a possible relationship. As that feeling of lusting and dangerous love, intertwines then un-winds, but not without the lingering pull towards what was. A new chapter opens to new possibilities.





A new start.

The band stated: “We first came up with the idea for ‘OH MY GOD’ when we were talking about past relationships and break ups. We wanted to capture that OMG moment when you’re about to break up with someone and the sudden realisation hits you that ‘this is it’ and there’s no going back”.

Emma Lauran and Nick Tsang make this project go, as the single follows their prior single ‘I’ll Be Yours’, which was released in 2018. The collaboration between Emma and Nick, rives the songwriting process, as both had been building their individual repertoire prior to meeting in London’s live circuit. They clicked in a major way, and here we are in 2019, with their project Amberlake taking shape and taking down names.

Look for more from this duo to charm their way into your heart.


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