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PREMIERE: ANDREW GOLDRING Shares ‘Chemical Spirit Connection’ And Official Video.

ANDREW GOLDRING’s single ‘Chemical Spirit Connection’ derives from a well of emotional understanding. And ironically, through that lens, the full rich and many times humorous colors are laid bare on that dive-bar of life. And Andrew’s there to capture the nuances, opine on the oddity of life, and then gracefully and thoughtfully manifest it into a hymn – a set of words and musical notes that satisfy the often weary and perhaps lost.

“It’s been said many times: the only constant is change.”

In 2017, he Utah originating artist was in a ‘transition’ frame of mind. Searching for inspiration was at the top of his mind, and in the middle of that creatively tenuous time, he found himself slowly but purposefully building out an old garage into a recording studio. After it was all nailed and painted, he realized that this ‘sanctuary’ was to be a place of new ideas and experimentation.

Now, here we are. And progress, certainly seems to have been made.

The upcoming new album’s first single is ‘Chemical Spirit Connection’. The positivity within the song directs you to the mundaneness of life, but framed inside that quirky and sometimes manic depressive that we human beings can be.

Andrew is quite depth at taking the the salty and the oddities of life and turn them into little gems of pop gold, as he’d done with this particular single. The whimsical line of story telling, is tinged with the ‘possibilities’ of working your way out of that situation, in time.

The weaving of meta-physical tantrums of life, into sparkles of guitar chords, outstandingly and beautifully baked to undeniable warmth by Andrew’s vocals, give this single (and of the video) a sanctuary of sorts for our hearts.

Our often damaged hearts. Our often longing hearts. Standing at the cliff of no return, begging the Universe to give a sign.

To move forward. In moving forward.

‘Chemical Spirit Connection’ is off of the upcoming LP ‘Fluorescent Memories’, and it’s a beautiful song to listen to, and to admire.



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