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PREMIERE: Andy Pop Shares ‘NFD’. “You’re The Only One. Promise.”

Love is what love is. It’s the sweet and the sour, with everything in between. It’s the basis for much of what motivates us from day-to-day, in some sense. From whom to date on that weekend, to who to can come around to your home, all the way to who should be the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. Everything in between is a mish-mosh of ‘this and that’, with a whole lot of affection, arguments, disappointments, doubts, grandiosity, strength, dedication, responsibilities.

But all of that starts with the confidence of being the ‘one’. You feel it. She feels it. The underpinnings of what love can do, started to manifest, a long time ago. And now it is time to cement those sentiments.

Can it be done? Will you do it? Even with all of the flaws and challenges that will be in front of you?

“…NFD is about giving someone a genuine reassurance that they’re the only one for you..”

Reliance and loyalty for the one you love is the start of something special. And in Andy Pop’s ‘NFD’, the questions roll through the minds of many who have come through this juncture in life (and for many who will do the same in the future). It’s a glorious dig at the problems and the difficult inner discussions attributed to this thing called ‘love’.

It’s a messy process. But at least we have someone like Andy Pop to continue that debate.

“I came up with the idea of releasing NFD as part of a two-track EP because I felt it deserved more than just being a stand alone single and I love the idea of short cohesive projects that flow together seamlessly…I felt it paired nicely with the other record which is about giving someone deserving your undivided attention”

Andy Pop is an New York City based rapper and producer who’s outputs are indicative of his thoughtful and righteous artisanal craft. His body of work, including ‘NFD’, is rap deeply tinged in r&b and wide pop inhibitions. The gentle weeping from the aesthetics of ‘NFD’ is crowed by the ‘chaos’ of the subject. The ‘cold sweat’ vibe is intrenched into the presentation, through AP’s vocals and the arrangement, ultimately helping you to feel easily the trepidation, and the angst of it all.

“Can this dilemma be solved?”

“Yes. Of course. She loves you.”



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