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PREMIERE // ANGUSRAZE ‘The Path’ : Get riotous. Get frazzled. You deserve it. Get Angusrazerized.


Original, thrusting, clashing, foreboding – warnings of angst and desires drip over the sanctions of Angusraze. And the latest ‘The Path’ solidifies that underpinning of writhing and poetic death spiral.

‘The Path’ is a brand new track and represents a sonic evolution, with the ever-powerful vocals balanced out by a pounding, bass-laden electronic soundscape. Lyrically, the track picks up the themes of the album – guilt, redemption, self-esteem – but within a dystopian setting now paradoxically closer to reality than for the original release.

The single ‘The Path’, is both a child of our times and the offspring of the hyperactive mind behind last year’s album ‘Foxmask’.

Angusraze said: “I was inspired by the vocals of artists like Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw and Head Automatica, as well as Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance and Leathermouth. Lockdown has been a very complicated time for most people including myself, but it's spurred me to create more in the absence of doing much else, and I have taken to improve my vocal technique so that I can project a primal and aggressive sound in my voice, and inhabit that power but also protect my voice. I feel my vocals come across very strong in this song, as does the instrumental, which was inspired by post-hardcore music that I've been obsessively listening to for the past few months.”

Powerful and intrinsic to the very fiber of disappearance and existence, there is a visceral calamity – a death defying flexibility – from the art that is Angusraze.

Get riotous. Get frazzled. You deserve it.

Get Angusrazerized.


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