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PREMIERE: Arthur Kay Shares ‘Higher Ground’. “Imparts wisdom of the beleaguered happiness.”

Woven from the concentration of star dust and extracts of the mind an soul. ARTHUR KAY’s single wisps at your uncontrollable urges within your husk of a body, then replenishes with anger of the good, and imparts wisdom of the beleaguered happiness. The frowns of profound renditions, tinkle off of the unbound frames, taking away a paint chip in light and actuality…keeping within a package of gifts – radical none, but the Universe to a personal and deeply enriched self.

The journey starts then never ends with ‘Higher Ground’.

Thundercat, James Blake, Sun Ra are some of the edges of music that comes bleeding in and out of this fascination of a song from Arthur. The prevalence of shine and shimmer is always burdened with an inconsequential truths already that exists, but maybe was not easily visible.

The tradition of those artists, and ARTHUR KAY, are the binoculars to the realm. A quasi, alternative galaxy where swirls of the nebulae round up your day-to-day wounds, then heals.

Healing with liquid interpretations.

Healing with unbound thoughts.

Forming a dowsing clarity that is YOU, and can only be YOU.

The REAL you.

Arthur stated: “Lyrically it is about the silence and calmness that comes after a big emotional and chaotic event. Those days or weeks where you feel that if you just put everything in your life on hold, to make it through the next hour without remembering or engaging in those memories, you’ll just barely make it through”.

The Norway originating artist comes alive with his own methods and genre-less takes on his surrounding and what’s within his mind.

Compromise and new impartialities, dangle with glamor in ‘Higher Ground’.

“Higher Ground was as a sort of tribute to Balearic House,” continued Aurthur. “It was one of the first times musically that I had something that was just for me. A lot of the work you do as a professional musician is taking small pieces of yourselves and giving them away to other peoples dreams and visions.”

‘Higher Ground’ is love for being, being in love, love for the life of vision.

Grand, indeed.

See him next October 10 @ Parkteatret for the Red Bull Music Festival, in Oslo.



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