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PREMIERE: AUGUSTINE ANG Shares New Single ‘The Sea’.

“‘The Sea’ is about finding finding comfort in your own company” stated AUGUSTINE ANG. And we think that is true from his lyrical professions and the jangly acoustic structuring of the single. It’s a fashionable way of being chaotic but at the same time being as nonchalant as possible, for life is tough. You can call it a ‘defense mechanism’. If not, you might as well throw in the towel. It’s a jungle out there, and if you’re not comfy within your own skin, it’s never going to work.

Life, that is.

Augustine puts that conversation, to view, for us to throw on that virtual table to discuss amongst ourselves. It’s not an isolated emotional situation, because, us human beings have been dealing with awkwardness and loneliness from the start of the species (as we non-scientists at CHF, gather).

Hence, as in this single, we all must be be strong, uplifted, and keep on, keepin’ on – at least that’s the moral of Augustine’s story in this song. We experience, and learn from our past, to go forward, without getting stuck in the mire of the past. That’s when we are really uncomfy within.

Augustine found some support from the sea: “Inspiration for the song came at a time when I had feelings of loneliness and isolation, discovering solace in the sea.”

He’s our biggest cheerleader. He wants us human beings to find that support, too.

The Australia based artist will launch this single on October 14th (Open Studio, Northcote). FB Page

AUGUSTINE ANG is one of those lo-fi singer/songwriters that is definitely comfortable with ‘knowing’ and ‘recognizing’ his internal misgivings and emotional discomforts. As they say, it’s the first step to making things a bit better, right?

His debut album ‘Heart & Brain’ is scheduled to drop during November of 2018.



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