PREMIERE // Baby Jey ‘Bernice Kentner’ : Song and dedication brings some new hues of smiles and sentiments to us all.

'Bernice Kentner'

Baby Jey – the ultra hip and talented outfit – offers ‘Bernice Kentner’. An upbeat indie/Americana single in honor of the famous 1980s color analyst Bernice Kentner, the birthday (May 23rd) song and dedication brings some new hues of smiles and sentiments to us all, while solidifying Baby Jey’s unique take on songwriting.

The band takes a light ironic look at the 80s phenomenon of seasonal color analysis while at the same time taking Bernice Kentner’s ideas on fashion to another level. “We all need color in our lives”, the duo would tell all of us.

Warm steel guitar and sunny, dreamy melodies – ubiquitous with Baby Jey’s distinctive cowboy pop sound – help us find a moment of peace during such a dark moment in time. “Appreciating life’s small pleasures and curious aspects of seasons past.”

Fronted by lead songwriters Jeremy Witten and Dean Kheroufi, the Brooklyn-via-Edmonton band writes strangely familiar melodies that end up more strange than familiar, marrying earnest country charm with the satisfying complexity of your favorite jazz and pop records. Inspired by the Americana upbringing they never had, their augmented melodies provide authentic modernity to a classic sound.

In her system “Color Me A Season”, Bernice Kentner said that the color of a person’s skin determined the seasonality of the individual (a Summer, a Winter, a Spring, or an Autumn). “Even though colors work best for complexion, the individual may look like another Season because of hair-coloring….I call this their secondary Season.”

The industry famous cosmetologist, author, and color theorist had it figured out about society and life. Even though it was just a facet of being alive, she sought the essence of being a part – and apart – from the masses. Balancing confidence in leadership within that same social ambience, uplifting art to a commercial institution.

Baby Jey is kind of like that too. A force majeure from the norm. Seeking out the weary, and setting forth new advances of emotion and pop-fun goodness. Life is like a box of colors and just need some good vibin’ to get you some, if you know what we mean.

Well, Jeremy and Dean continues that trek, and fans should eagerly seek them out.

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