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PREMIERE: Bambie ‘Pink Flamingos’. “Blend of emotional haunt and melancholic enthusiasm.”

BAMBIE is Marie Straub, and the ‘city-scape’ pop presented in her latest single ‘Pink Flamingos’ seeps slowly into your psyche. It devours your soul as it shows you her steps into synth key ridden dreams.

“Love, self-discovery, modern femininity” are among the subjects in her songs, as she drives up and stirs cocktails of golden 80’s and dramatic beats into a blissful blend of emotional haunt and melancholic enthusiasm.

BAMBIE’s gift to us all is her confident and majestically strong vocals. Her voice is a pillar for anything that comes her way, as it it direct and seemingly un-moveable in its candor, and gumption. As she delves into each of her songs, all the glittery expectations are quickly grounded and expunges the obvious. Subsequently, then it continues to communicate a kind of solace where we are delivered with a method to look in a different and vastly unconventional ways.

It’s a subtle nuance, but very much integral.

The in and out from indie-pop to pop, swings wildly in some part of ‘Pink Flamingos’, but the underpinnings of her voice, gets every thing to center again, at a moment’s notice.

And that indelible ‘snap’, wakes and educates your senses with feeling of contrary extravagance.

Just like life; which is a cool thing, indeed.

‘Pink Falamingos’ is her follow up to her previous single, ‘Hurricane’.



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