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PREMIERE: Bandy Shares ‘Tale o’ Whoa’ Off Of The Upcoming New Album ‘The Challengers’ (March 29th)

Today, the heavens will collide with the outer bodies of the Galaxy in an artisanal dance of truth, honor, and poetic relevance. The planets will align, as we look up and see how we could have lived without this sustenance, a holy conduit for bodily hymns and celestial embrace of good and all.

What is this ‘heavenly embrace’?

The band is called BANDY: They are former members of Chicago’s MAMA (Ross Howard & Paul Parts). They play music. The good, rock n’ roll kind, with no pretense nor any predispositions.

They are a band: Brothers in arms, trying their best to sift out the notions of their environment, razzing and teasing their way towards that horizon.

And they are humble: They want to understand. What, you ask? They don’t know. But they know that they should know more, than they should. And when a human soul accepts that premise, big things can happen.

So, what about this ‘celestial’ phenomenon we’d talked about so highly in the beginning of this article?

“It’s here.” (said in a secretive whisper)

“What do you mean?”

“It’s BANDY.” (said as a cupped hand is placed on your left ear)

“Oh you mean you were just comparing BANDY to a kind of outer body experience, informed by the aura of our natural world?”

“Erm. Yes. Exactly.” (said as we whistle)


On March 29th, BANDY will drop their new LP ‘The Challengers’. And in it is this fabulously quick paced and fun single ‘Tale o’ Whoa’. From the seemingly frenetic surf-rock/post-punk domain, the riffs keep on coming as the unassuming audience (automatically and indubitably) knock knees and dance (fyi, we danced). Ross Howard’s ‘wild’ vocals is tamed and controlled, as the bounds of the single expand and contract, to reveal the basics of what gets all of us ‘dancing’.

And dance you shall.

BANDY is a band that sounds like: “The resulting smoothie from a blend of Mission of Burma, M.O.T.O., Penetrators, Thin Lizzy, and The Mothers of Invention.”

And that’s their friends talking about them that way.

But of course, they are right, and what is righteous about ‘Tale o’ Whoa’ is that it’s easy and comforting to absorb their style and banter. Their blaring connotations into stories about dependency is up-to-the-minute updates on what we all can go through.

It’s that ultimate love-ballad, ingratiating itself while Rome burns.

So, in that case the song is a dang cool ride.

“Psst. They’re here…”




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