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PREMIERE: Benjamino Shares ‘Big Things To Come’.

Look for Benjamino’s EP due out early 2020.

Holding hands and so convincingly. You and us, we made a pact for the future to come. We promised ourselves of the greater good, and the footloose smiles for our dual hearts.

Benjamino is Ben Cauduro, and the Wollongong NSW, multi-instrumentalist’s project is a gathering of our senses, back to where we used to be.

The chaos of ruby red disappointments and gripe of our social statuses today, subside for a moment as the vocals and sensibilities of Benjamino comes to play.

It’s a declaration of what is and what’s been recognized. It’s a path forward of self determination and gumption. Even through the gentle swaths of floral testimonies, the curtain of the dark are cast away to the side, as the ruminating shimmers of Benjamino’s vibrance, shine on for you to feel, vibe, and caress.

‘Big Things To Come’ was written in the week between Christmas and New Years 2018. The song digs into the variety of challenges that social media provides our society. Good or bad, this is a fact of life, as it has become a life part of our everyday being. But Benjamino thinks we can always look at the person in the mirror, and maybe continue to conduct ourselves in more ways than just promotion.

Let’s see where the next years take us.

The ol’ school bop drive affords us some respite from it all, as Benjamino’s kind hearted appreciation for our current world, blooms with a heap amount of positivity.

Look for Benjamino’s EP due out early 2020.



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