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PREMIERE: BETHIA BEADMAN’s New Single & Video For ‘Still My Baby’. “Coaxing. Intimate. Positive. Satisfying.”

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We’re proud to Premiere BETHIA BEADMAN’s single ‘Still My Baby’, a song from an artist whom we’d come to know and love. This beautiful folk ballad has many genesis points, which makes our heads spin in revelry, and compounded lust for the now and the future. Bethia continues her wholly fervent assault on the senses, utilizing her unique lyrical writing acumens and her hauntingly pacified, yet unencumbered vocal experience.

The last time we’d reviewed one of her singles (‘At The Beach’) was back in June and we’d been captivated by her style of story narration. We’d described her then as: “…a cross between many things. And the London based artist is in her element…Emotive, descriptive, poignant, relative, and most of all, heavy with Mercury like spots of decadence – it wrangles your senses and slaps you into shredded protein pieces.”

That is certainly still true, today, where in ‘Still My Baby’ her way of unsettling your already known devotions in life, is re-examined and ironed out to a point of no return. The single boasts the time of solemn solitude, and contemplation, about the dimension we live and exists from. The contextual weaving of place, age, love, time, swiftly pass over the minutes of the song. Ultimately leaving an after-taste that lingers in recognition. Bethia’s voice can calm, anything. It’s almost as if the phrase, “It is what it is” comes to another level of professionalism. Where a coaxing of empathetic touches drive you to just ‘move on’, and a small shimmering smile is all that is needed to re-focus for the future at hand.

Bethia’s music is intimate. And even in her ballads, her energy for life is charged. The positivity, albeit, draped in sullen darkness, is most satisfying to uncover and own for our personal selves.

The contrasts – Bethia’s contrasts – are simply too delicious not to take notice and make your own.


Mud Kiss Photography


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