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PREMIERE // Black Beach Baby ‘Hold On’ : Subdues its charms into your body, with talons’ begotten love and possibilities.

Black Beach Baby

Stockholm, Sweden based Black Beach Baby’s single ‘Hold On’ puts on a shimmering show in mahogany procession and velvety delight for the wanting. Driven into consequential existence by Andy and My, Black Beach Baby, subdues its charms into your body, with talons’ begotten love and possibilities.

‘Hold On’ is another example of the duo’s knack for the surreal and the down-trodden emotions that drape our senses when beholden to a bigger and wider depth of decisions in plight. The dreamy atmosphere, waft in through a filter of decadence of bedroom guitar chords, bouncing off of remarkable notions in trying to find the one – once more.

A tale of two cities, in multiple folds of passions and promises, ‘Hold On’ grates in anger, mistrust, and ultimate salvation. A low cut accumulation of profundity, radiates through the vocals. Both dancing in that glimpse of first and last love.

‘Hold On’ means exactly what it means to say.

A turn into yourself, just for a while. In the face of finding truth, remember and hoping.

‘Hold On’ follows their new-wavy indie-pop charm, ‘This Is The Day’.

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